Load Banks Rental Services

Load Banks Rental

Although all systems or equipment’s can be purchased, it is often more cost effective to rent the equipment’s instead, if the units are used only for a shutdown jobs or during a commissioning stage. Renting an equipment will save customers from significant initial capital expenditure, servicing and periodic maintenance cost and Spares availability.

There is also the added cost of logistics management and Storage. Furthermore, rented equipment’s have a higher on-site reliability factor, Tested /calibrated before each rental and often have upgraded technology, ensuring better accuracy and lower overall cost. Gulf Incon offer rental services for

  • Hydraulic Bolt tensioners and Torque wrenches.
  • Resistive / Reactive Load banks
  • Water jetting machines
  • Air tuggers, winches and Power packs.
  • Hydrotest pumps, Chart Recorders, Valve test Bench, Manifolds etc.
  • Pipe Cuttings and Beveling machines.
  • Instrumentation equipment’s, AC/DC High Voltage test Kits, Various Omicron Units , Dead weight testers, Primary and secondary injection kits, DC Power source, Temperature bath.


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