Rack mounted Load banks

Rack mounted Load banks

Rack mounted load banks are used to test the following in the data center:

  • Power distribution installation
  • Hot / cold aisle air flow
  • Rack mount outlets in the racks
  • Power distribution units.
  • Entire physical infrastructure system Management

Use of Rack mounted load bank duplicates IT loading both in terms of electrical load, heat and air flows. Gulf Incon Rack mounted load banks has adjustable heat and air flow settings. Air flow can be adjusted with in the load bank and is displayed in front of the unit. Loads can be adjusted from 500W to 7KW based on the customer requirement. Gulf Incon Rack Mounted Load banks are also useful in verifying the following:

  • Actual rack cooling requirement
  • Automatic shutdown parameters by verifying UPS and run to failure modes
  • Computer room air conditioner (CRAC) system operations


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