Training and Calibration

Training and Calibration

Gulf Incon International have exclusive training and calibration facility available for Hydraulic Torque wrenches and Tensioners.

Gulf Incon International Provides Training to the customers for the proper usage of tools and equipment’s that includes, Hydraulic Torque wrenches, Bolt tensioners, Pipe cutting and Beveling machines, load banks, Hydrotest pumps etc.

API certified training courses are taken by SPX Training instructors who are authorized by API for giving training.

American petroleum institute FM01: 2-day training course on the assembly and tightening of bolted joints

Learning objectives

  • Health and Safety
  • Bolt working Theory
  • Preparation and maintenance of torqueing / tensioning Equipment
  • Preparation of bolted joint prior to tightening
  • Tightening of bolts using bolt working equipment
  • Checking integrity of joint
  • Sample of written questions/Simulated exercises


Module 1: Bolt working Theory

Module 2: Basic maintenance and preparation of hydraulic bolt working equipment

Module 3: Assembly and tightening of a bolted joint assembly


To ensure that you continue to get the most from your equipment, we recommend that tools are recalibrated every twelve months when returned to us for their annual service. It is vital that calibration is carried out at regular intervals to ensure the continuing efficiency of your purchase.


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