On Site Testing and Services

On Site Loadbank Testing Services

Gulf Incon International LLC offers unsurpassed services in

  • Bolting and Hydrotesting
  • Load banks
  • Expansion Joints
  • Water blasters

Bolting Equipment’s : Being a top supplier of Bolting tools in the Middle East, we have competent technicians who can deliver high quality on site services for Hydraulic Torqueing , Tensioning, and Hydro testing. Our extensive service includes Pipe Cutting and beveling machines and Containerized Valve Test bench for onsite relief valve testing.

Load Banks : The trusted and efficient supplier of Avtron-Froment load banks provides you the ever best servicing for load bank with utmost service quality and security. Our technicians are trained and have expertise in testing, commissioning and calibration of load banks. Our teams supported major companies during their commissioning of UPS, Generators and batteries. We are of the leading company in the middle east who support the Data center industry with Rack mounted load banks during Integrated system testing.

Expansion Joints: We provide comprehensive specific solutions in regard to various Expansion Joints (MACOGA). We are always available to discuss and recommend the correct technical and more economical solution to duct expansion problems whether they are new applications or replacement of faulty expansion joints.

High pressure Equipment’s: We are specialized in High pressure equipment rental and onsite services like Water jetting , Retro jetting, Subsea water blasting, Paint and protective coating removal, concrete Hydro demolition Etc.


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