Joint Integrity / Flange Management

Joint Integrity / Flange Management

Joint Integrity maintains and refurbishes all bolted flange joints at oil, gas and chemical sites - both onshore and offshore. Built upon our unique and highly flexible IMS, FLANGEPRO can be used in many different fields, project phases and for many different service lines and activities

Why is flange integrity so important?

Flange Management Systems can help address elements of SEMS, SEMS II, and RP 75, such as:
Maintaining key information on flanged joints, leak testing, and controlled bolting bolt load calculations and methods. Documentation of operating procedures for controlled bolting processes. Help maintain mechanical integrity of piping assets. Flange Management Systems can help address KP4 requirements: Help track flange records for ageing assets and maintain a documented record of their condition. Furthermore Flange Management Systems provides a system to help manage hydrocarbon-containing equipment from experiencing a hydrocarbon release.

What's it worth to help prevent a catastrophic event?

The Deepwater Horizon accident resulted in the loss of eleven lives and the overall cost was several billion dollars.

The Piper Alpha accident cost the loss of 167 lives and changed the face of the North Sea Oil & Gas industry entirely.

A high consequence event that occurred in a California refinery which resulted when a 4inch 300# gasket failed due to improper tightening. The refinery reported that consequential damages due to production loss, fines, and rework were in excess of $500M*. (Source: 2014 AFPM Reliability & Maintenance Conference)

Our Flange Management Systems helps to:

  • Mitigate & Avoid high consequence events
  • Extend the life of an asset
  • Maintain expected performance
  • Manage Risk


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